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Word to the Wise

Did you know that in the City of Cleveland it is illegal to:

  • Have high grass and/or weeds in excess of 8 inches?
  • Set out your trash before 12 noon the day before collection
  • Allow your trash cans to remain in front of your house past 12 noon the day after collection?
  • Store your trash cans on a porch or between the sidewalk and front of a house?
  • Park on any soft surface (ex: tree lawn, yard and vacant lots?
  • Place upholstered indoor furniture (ex: sofas, recliners) posing a health or safety hazard on a porch?
  • Use an outdoor grill within 15 feet of a home?

It is true— all of these activities are illegal, and you could face criminal and/or civil penalties if you do not follow the law.

If you have questions about what the Cleveland Code requires, or need assistance in correcting these nuisance conditions, you may wish to contact the Department of Building & Housing Hotline at 664-2007 or Health Department at 664-2300.